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Name  Ribosomal protein S4e, N-terminal, conserved site Short Name  Ribosomal_S4e_N_CS
Type  Conserved_site Description  A number of eukaryotic and archaeal ribosomal proteins can be grouped on the basis of sequence similarities. One of these families includes yeast S7 (YS6); archaeal S4e; and mammalian and plant cytoplasmic S4 []. Two highly similar isoforms of mammalian S4 exist, one coded by a gene on chromosome Y, and the other on chromosome X. These proteins have 233 to 264 amino acids.This entry represents the conserved site of the ribosomal protein S4e that is found at the N-terminal region.

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IPR013843 Ribosomal protein S4e, N-terminal Ribosomal_S4e_N Domain
IPR000876 Ribosomal protein S4e Ribosomal_S4e Family

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Fisher EM Homologous ribosomal protein genes on the human X and Y chromosomes: escape from X inactivation and possible implications for Turner syndrome. 1990 Cell 63 1205-18

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