InterPro : IPR000199

Name  Peptidase C3A/C3B, picornaviral Short Name  Peptidase_C3A/C3B_picornavir
Type  Domain Description  Cysteine peptidases have characteristic molecular topologies, which can be seen not only in their three-dimensional structures, but commonly also in the two-dimensional structures. These are peptidases in which the nucleophile is the sulphydryl group of a cysteine residue. Cysteine proteases are divided into clans (proteins which are evolutionary related), and further sub-divided into families, on the basis of the architecture of their catalytic dyad or triad []. This signature defines cysteine peptidases belong to MEROPS peptidase family C3 (picornain, clan PA(C)), subfamilies C3A and C3B. The protein fold of this peptidase domain for members of this family resembles that of the serine peptidase, chymotrypsin [], the type example for clan PA.Picornaviral proteins are expressed as a single polyproteinwhich is cleaved by the viral C3 cysteine protease. The poliovirus polyprotein is selectively cleaved between the Gln-|-Gly bond. In other picornavirus reactions Glu may be substituted for Gln, and Ser or Thr for Gly.

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IPR009003 Trypsin-like cysteine/serine peptidase domain Trypsin-like_Pept_dom Domain

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Allaire M Picornaviral 3C cysteine proteinases have a fold similar to chymotrypsin-like serine proteinases. 1994 Nature 369 72-6
Barrett AJ Evolutionary lines of cysteine peptidases. 2001 Biol Chem 382 727-33

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