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Name  Pleckstrin homology domain, spectrin-type Short Name  PH_dom-spectrin-type
Type  Domain Description  Spectrin is the major constituent of the cytoskeletal network underlying the erythrocyte plasma membrane; it associates with band 4.1 and actin to form the cytoskeletal super-structure. The native spectrin molecule is a tetramer comprising two anti-parallel heterodimers joined head to head, such that the C terminus of the alpha-subunit and the N terminus of the beta-subunit are included within the same molecule.Spectrin is similar to alpha-actinin and dystrophin, and contains a pleckstrin homology (PH) domain. The exact function of the PH domain is unknown, but evidence suggests that it contains an electrostatically-polarised pocket that facilitates binding of a ligand (e.g., a peptide). The PH domain contains a number of hydrophobic residues that form a hydrophobic core responsible for protein stability. The spectrin PH domain [], which has the familiar 7-stranded anti-parallel up and down beta-barrel capped by a C-terminal amphiphilic alpha helical cap [], contains insertions that confer 2 additional turns of alpha-helix in the loop between strands 3 and 4. The C-terminal helix is packed into a gorge between strands 1 and 2, and lies parallel to strand 7 [].

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR016343 Spectrin, beta subunit Spectrin_bsu Family

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR001849 Pleckstrin homology domain PH_domain Domain

3 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Zhou MM Structural basis for IL-4 receptor phosphopeptide recognition by the IRS-1 PTB domain. 1996 Nat Struct Biol 3 388-93
Yoon HS Solution structure of a pleckstrin-homology domain. 1994 Nature 369 672-5
Macias MJ Structure of the pleckstrin homology domain from beta-spectrin. 1994 Nature 369 675-7

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