InterPro : IPR030004

Name  Gelsolin Short Name  Gelsolin
Type  Family Description  Gelsolin is an actin-modulating protein that severs F-actin, caps the barbed ends of actin filaments preventing monomer exchange, and promotes the nucleation step of actin polymerisation [, ]. It can be regulated by Ca2+ and phosphoinositides []. The interaction between gelsolin and tropomyosin modulates actin dynamics []. Gelsolin also plays a role in ciliogenesis []. The structure of gelsolin has been solved []. In humans there are two forms of gelsolin generated by alternative splicing. One is the cytosolic form that has a role in the regulation of the actin cytoskelton [], the other is the secreted form that may be part of the actin scavenging system in the bloodstream []. Mutations in gelsolin gene cause familial amyloidosis of Finnish type (FAF) [].

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IPR007122 Villin/Gelsolin Villin/Gelsolin Family

9 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
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