InterPro : IPR004123

Name  mRNA splicing factor, thioredoxin-like U5 snRNP Short Name  mRNA_splic_U5
Type  Family Description  Thioredoxins [, , , ]are small disulphide-containing redox proteins that have been found in all the kingdoms of living organisms. Thioredoxin serves as a general protein disulphide oxidoreductase. It interacts with a broad range of proteins by a redox mechanism based on reversible oxidation of 2 cysteine thiol groups to a disulphide, accompanied by the transfer of 2 electrons and 2 protons. The net result is the covalent interconversion of a disulphide and a dithiol. Compared to human thioredoxin, human U5 snRNP-specific protein U5-15kDa contains 37 additional residues that may cause structural changes which most likely form putative binding sites for other spliceosomal proteins or RNA. Although U5-15kDa apparently lacks protein disulphide isomerase activity, it isstrictly required for pre-mRNA splicing [].

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