InterPro : IPR017304

Name  Cytoplasmic protein NCK Short Name  NCK
Type  Family Description  Cytoplasmic protein NCK (NCK) is a family of non-enzymatic adaptor proteins composed of three SH3 (Src homology 3) domains and a C-terminal SH2 domain []. They associate with tyrosine-phosphorylated growth factor receptors or their cellular substrates [,]. They are implicated in organisation of actin cytoskeleton, cell movement or axon guidance []. There are two vertebrate NCK proteins, NCK1 and NCK2.

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2 Child Features

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR028524 Cytoplasmic protein NCK2 NCK2 Family
IPR028526 Cytoplasmic protein NCK1 NCK1 Family

2 Contains

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR001452 SH3 domain SH3_domain Domain
IPR000980 SH2 domain SH2 Domain

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4 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Matuoka K A novel ligand for an SH3 domain of the adaptor protein Nck bears an SH2 domain and nuclear signaling motifs. 1997 Biochem Biophys Res Commun 239 488-92
Tu Y Identification and kinetic analysis of the interaction between Nck-2 and DOCK180. 2001 FEBS Lett 491 193-9
Round JE The adaptor protein Nck2 mediates Slit1-induced changes in cortical neuron morphology. 2011 Mol Cell Neurosci 47 265-73
Buday L The Nck family of adapter proteins: regulators of actin cytoskeleton. 2002 Cell Signal 14 723-31

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