InterPro : IPR015016

Name  Splicing factor 3B subunit 1 Short Name  SF3b_su1
Type  Domain Description  This group of proteins consists of several eukaryotic splicing factor 3B subunit 1 proteins, which associate with p14 through a C terminus beta-strand that interacts with beta-3 of the p14 RNA recognition motif (RRM) beta-sheet, which is in turn connected to an alpha-helix by a loop that makes extensive contacts with both the shorter C-terminal helix and RRM of p14. This subunit is required for 'A' splicing complex assembly (formed by the stable binding of U2 snRNP to the branchpoint sequence in pre-mRNA) and 'E' splicing complex assembly [].

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Schellenberg MJ Crystal structure of a core spliceosomal protein interface. 2006 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103 1266-71

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