InterPro : IPR009374

Name  Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit K Short Name  eIF3k
Type  Family Description  Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit K is a Component of the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 (eIF-3) complex, which is involved in protein synthesis and, together with other initiation factors, stimulates binding of mRNA and methionyl-tRNAi to the 40S ribosome [, ].

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR011991 Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding domain WHTH_DNA-bd_dom Domain
IPR016020 Translation initiation factor 3, subunit 12, N-terminal, eukaryotic Transl_init_fac_sub12_N_euk Domain

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Asano K Conservation and diversity of eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF3. 1997 J Biol Chem 272 1101-9
Burks EA Plant initiation factor 3 subunit composition resembles mammalian initiation factor 3 and has a novel subunit. 2001 J Biol Chem 276 2122-31

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