InterPro : IPR013111

Name  EGF-like domain, extracellular Short Name  EGF_extracell
Type  Domain Description  A sequence of about thirty to forty amino-acid residues long found in the sequence of epidermal growth factor (EGF)has been shown [, , , ]to be present, in a moreor less conserved form, in a large number of other, mostly animal proteins. The list of proteins currently known tocontain one or more copies of an EGF-like pattern is large and varied. The functional significance of EGF domains inwhat appear to be unrelated proteins is not yet clear. However, a common feature is that these repeats are found inthe extracellular domain of membrane-bound proteins or in proteins known to be secreted (exception: prostaglandinG/H synthase). The EGF domain includes six cysteine residues which have been shown (in EGF) to be involved in disulphidebonds. The main structure is a two-stranded beta-sheet followed by a loop to a C-terminal short two-stranded sheet.Subdomains between the conserved cysteines vary in length.This entry contains EGF domains found in a variety of extracellular and membrane proteins

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR013032 EGF-like, conserved site EGF-like_CS Conserved_site

8 Found In

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR000742 Epidermal growth factor-like domain EG-like_dom Domain
IPR015812 Integrin beta subunit Integrin_bsu Family
IPR015437 Integrin beta-7 subunit Integrin_bsu-7 Family
IPR008297 Notch Notch Family
IPR012013 Integrin beta-4 subunit Integrin_bsu-4 Family
IPR015436 Integrin beta-6 subunit Integrin_bsu-6 Family
IPR015439 Integrin beta-2 subunit Integrin_bsu-2 Family
IPR015442 Integrin beta-8 subunit Integrin_bsu-8 Family

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4 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Appella E Structure and function of epidermal growth factor-like regions in proteins. 1988 FEBS Lett 231 1-4
Doolittle RF Computer-based characterization of epidermal growth factor precursor. 1984 Nature 307 558-60
Davis CG The many faces of epidermal growth factor repeats. 1990 New Biol 2 410-9
Blomquist MC Vaccinia virus 19-kilodalton protein: relationship to several mammalian proteins, including two growth factors. 1984 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 81 7363-7

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