InterPro : IPR001557

Name  L-lactate/malate dehydrogenase Short Name  L-lactate/malate_DH
Type  Family Description  This family contains both lactate and malate dehydrogenases. Malate dehydrogenases catalyse the interconversion of malate to oxaloacetate. The enzyme participates in the citric acid cycle.L-lactate dehydrogenase () (LDH) []catalyses the reversible NAD-dependent interconversion of pyruvate to L-lactate. In vertebrate muscles and in lactic acid bacteria it represents the final step in anaerobic glycolysis. This tetrameric enzyme is present in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. In vertebrates there are three isozymes of LDH: the M form (LDH-A), found predominantly in muscle tissues; the H form (LDH-B), found in heart muscle and the X form (LDH-C), found only in the spermatozoa of mammals and birds. In birds and crocodilian eye lenses, LDH-B serves as a structural protein and is known as epsilon-crystallin [].L-2-hydroxyisocaproate dehydrogenase () (L-hicDH) []catalyses the reversible and stereospecific interconversion between 2-ketocarboxylic acids and L-2-hydroxy-carboxylic acids. L-hicDH is evolutionary related to LDH's.

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4 Child Features

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR010945 Malate dehydrogenase, type 2 Malate_DH_type2 Family
IPR010097 Malate dehydrogenase, type 1 Malate_DH_type1 Family
IPR011304 L-lactate dehydrogenase L-lactate_DH Family
IPR011275 Malate dehydrogenase, type 3 Malate_DH_type3 Family

5 Contains

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR016040 NAD(P)-binding domain NAD(P)-bd_dom Domain
IPR015955 Lactate dehydrogenase/glycoside hydrolase, family 4, C-terminal Lactate_DH/Glyco_Ohase_4_C Domain
IPR001236 Lactate/malate dehydrogenase, N-terminal Lactate/malate_DH_N Domain
IPR022383 Lactate/malate dehydrogenase, C-terminal Lactate/malate_DH_C Domain
IPR018177 L-lactate dehydrogenase, active site L-lactate_DH_AS Active_site

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3 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Lerch HP Cloning, sequencing and expression of the L-2-hydroxyisocaproate dehydrogenase-encoding gene of Lactobacillus confusus in Escherichia coli. 1989 Gene 83 263-70
Abad-Zapatero C Refined crystal structure of dogfish M4 apo-lactate dehydrogenase. 1987 J Mol Biol 198 445-67
Hendriks W Duck lens epsilon-crystallin and lactate dehydrogenase B4 are identical: a single-copy gene product with two distinct functions. 1988 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 85 7114-8

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