InterPro : IPR000555

Name  JAB1/MPN/MOV34 metalloenzyme domain Short Name  JAMM/MPN+_dom
Type  Domain Description  This domain is known as the MPN domain [], PAD-1-like domain [], JABP1 domain []or JAMM domain []. Proteins with this domain include proteasome regulatory subunits, eukaryotic initiation factor 3 (eIF3) subunits and regulators of transcription factors. They are metalloenzymes that function as the ubiquitin isopeptidase/ deubiquitinase in the ubiquitin-based signaling and protein turnover pathways in eukaryotes []. Versions of the domain in prokaryotic cognates of the ubiquitin-modification pathway are predicted to have a similar role [].The archaeal (H. volcanii) JAMM domain containing protein, HvJAMM1, cleaves ubiquitin-like small archaeal modifier proteins (SAMP1/2) from protein conjugates []. The bacterial JAMM domain containing protein QbsD from Pseudomonas fluorescens cleaves the C-terminal amino acid residues of the sulfur carrier protein QbsE prior to the formation of the carboxy-terminal thiocarboxylate [].

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
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Hepowit NL Archaeal JAB1/MPN/MOV34 metalloenzyme (HvJAMM1) cleaves ubiquitin-like small archaeal modifier proteins (SAMPs) from protein-conjugates. 2012 Mol Microbiol 86 971-87
Godert AM Biosynthesis of the thioquinolobactin siderophore: an interesting variation on sulfur transfer. 2007 J Bacteriol 189 2941-4

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