InterPro : IPR007125

Name  Histone core Short Name  Histone_core_D
Type  Domain Description  Five major families of histones exist: H1/H5, H2A, H2B, H3, and H4 []Histones H2A, H2B, H3 and H4 are known as the core histones, while histones H1 and H5 are known as the linker histones. The core histones together with some other DNA binding proteins forma superfamily defined by a common fold and distant sequence similarities [,]. Some proteins contain local homology domains related to the histone fold [].This entry represents the histone core.

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1 Child Features

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR002119 Histone H2A Histone_H2A Domain

0 Contains

4 Found In

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR000558 Histone H2B Histone_H2B Family
IPR000164 Histone H3/CENP-A Histone_H3/CENP-A Family
IPR001951 Histone H4 Histone_H4 Family
IPR021171 Core histone macro-H2A Core_histone_macro-H2A Family

1 Parent Features

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR009072 Histone-fold Histone-fold Domain

4 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Bhasin M Recognition and classification of histones using support vector machine. 2006 J Comput Biol 13 102-12
Luger K Crystal structure of the nucleosome core particle at 2.8 A resolution. 1997 Nature 389 251-60
Baxevanis AD A variety of DNA-binding and multimeric proteins contain the histone fold motif. 1995 Nucleic Acids Res 23 2685-91
Baxevanis AD Histone and histone fold sequences and structures: a database. 1997 Nucleic Acids Res 25 272-3

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