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Name  Dynein light chain, type 1/2 Short Name  Dynein_light_chain_typ-1/2
Type  Family Description  Dynein is a multisubunit microtubule-dependent motor enzyme that acts as the force generating protein of eukaryotic cilia and flagella. The cytoplasmic isoform of dynein acts as a motor for the intracellular retrograde motility of vesicles and organelles along microtubules. Dynein is composed of a number of ATP-binding large subunits (see ), intermediate size subunits and small subunits. Among the small subunits, there is a family of highly conserved proteins which make up this family [, ].Both type 1 (DLC1) and 2 (DLC2) dynein light chains have a similar two-layer alpha-beta core structure consisting of beta-alpha(2)-beta-X-beta(2) [, ].

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IPR019763 Dynein light chain, type 1/2, conserved site Dynein_light_1/2_CS Conserved_site

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
King SM The M(r) = 8,000 and 11,000 outer arm dynein light chains from Chlamydomonas flagella have cytoplasmic homologues. 1995 J Biol Chem 270 11445-52
Dick T Cytoplasmic dynein (ddlc1) mutations cause morphogenetic defects and apoptotic cell death in Drosophila melanogaster. 1996 Mol Cell Biol 16 1966-77
Liang J Structure of the PIN/LC8 dimer with a bound peptide. 1999 Nat Struct Biol 6 735-40
Day CL Localization of dynein light chains 1 and 2 and their pro-apoptotic ligands. 2004 Biochem J 377 597-605

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