InterPro : IPR009003

Name  Trypsin-like cysteine/serine peptidase domain Short Name  Trypsin-like_Pept_dom
Type  Domain Description  This signature recognises a large group of serine and cysteine peptidases (including prokaryotic, eukaryotic and viral), which share a common closed beta barrel structure.

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10 Child Features

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR001254 Peptidase S1 Peptidase_S1 Domain
IPR001730 Potyvirus NIa protease (NIa-pro) domain Potyv_NIa-pro_dom Domain
IPR024387 Peptidase C3G, Picornavirus Pept_C3G_Picornavir Domain
IPR001665 Norovirus peptidase C37 Norovirus_pept_C37 Domain
IPR001850 Flavivirus NS3, petidase S7 Flavivirus_NS3_S7 Domain
IPR000382 Peptidase S39B, luteovirus Peptidase_S39B_luteovirus Domain
IPR004109 Peptidase S29, hepatitus C polyprotein NS3 Peptidase_S29 Domain
IPR000317 Peptidase C24, Calicivirus polyprotein Orf1 Peptidase_C24 Domain
IPR000930 Peptidase S3, togavirin Peptidase_S3 Domain
IPR023338 Arterivirus NSP4 peptidase domain Arterivirus_NSP4_peptidase Domain

4 Contains

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR018114 Peptidase S1, trypsin family, active site Peptidase_S1_AS Active_site
IPR000199 Peptidase C3A/C3B, picornaviral Peptidase_C3A/C3B_picornavir Domain
IPR008740 Peptidase C30, Coronavirus endopeptidase Peptidase_C30 Domain
IPR000126 Serine proteases, V8 family, serine active site V8_ser_AS Active_site

8 Found In

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR005514 Protein of unknown function DUF316 DUF316 Family
IPR012985 Peptidase S64, Ssy5 Peptidase_S64_Ssy5 Family
IPR003966 Prothrombin/thrombin Prothrombin/thrombin Family
IPR018019 Luteovirus Orf2 putative replicase 1 Luteovirus_Orf2 Family
IPR017323 Lysyl endopeptidase Lysyl_endo-pept Family
IPR000280 Pestivirus NS3, peptidase S31 Pestivirus_NS3_S31 Domain
IPR019500 Peptidase S46 Peptidase_S46 Family
IPR008760 Equine arteritis virus peptidase S32 EAV_peptidase_S32 Family

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