InterPro : IPR009145

Name  U2 auxiliary factor small subunit Short Name  U2_small
Type  Family Description  The U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein auxiliary factor (U2AF) is aheterodimeric splicing factor composed of a large and a small subunit. Thelarge U2AF subunit recognises the intronic polypyrimidine tract, asequence located adjacent to the 3' splice site that serves as an importantsignal for both constitutive and regulated pre-mRNA splicing. The smallsubunit interacts with the 3' splice site dinucleotide AG and is essentialfor regulated splicing. The subunits shuttle continuously between thenucleus and the cytoplasm via a mechanism that involves carrier receptors and is independent of binding to mRNA. Both subunits contain an arginine/serine-rich (RS) domain, which acts as a nuclear localisation signal.Furthermore, the presence of an RS domain on either subunit is sufficient to trigger the nucleocytoplasmic import of the heterodimeric complex.The human form of the U2 auxiliary factor small subunit, hU2AF35, containsa degenerate RNA recognition motif (RRM) and a C-terminal RS domain. Themurine form has been shown to be genomically imprinted with monoallelicexpression from the paternal allele. However, this is not the case inhumans [].

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IPR000504 RNA recognition motif domain RRM_dom Domain
IPR000571 Zinc finger, CCCH-type Znf_CCCH Domain

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Pearsall RS Absence of imprinting in U2AFBPL, a human homologue of the imprinted mouse gene U2afbp-rs. 1996 Biochem Biophys Res Commun 222 171-7

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