InterPro : IPR012947

Name  Threonyl/alanyl tRNA synthetase, SAD Short Name  tRNA_SAD
Type  Domain Description  The catalytically active form of threonyl/alanyl tRNA synthetase is a dimer. Within the tRNA synthetase class II dimer, the bound tRNA interacts with both monomers making specific interactions with the catalytic domain, the C-terminal domain, and this SAD domain (the second additional domain). The second additional domain is comprised of a pair of perpendicularly orientated antiparallel beta sheets, of four and three strands, respectively, that surround a central alpha helix that forms the core of the domain [].

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR018163 Threonyl/alanyl tRNA synthetase, class II-like, putative editing domain Thr/Ala-tRNA-synth_IIc_edit Domain
IPR002320 Threonine-tRNA ligase, class IIa Thr-tRNA-ligase_IIa Family
IPR002318 Alanine-tRNA ligase, class IIc Ala-tRNA-lgiase_IIc Family
IPR018165 Alanyl-tRNA synthetase, class IIc, core domain Ala-tRNA-synth_IIc_core Domain
IPR022429 Alanine-tRNA ligase, archaea Ala-tRNA_lgiase_arc Family

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Sankaranarayanan R The structure of threonyl-tRNA synthetase-tRNA(Thr) complex enlightens its repressor activity and reveals an essential zinc ion in the active site. 1999 Cell 97 371-81

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