InterPro : IPR001828

Name  Extracellular ligand-binding receptor Short Name  ANF_lig-bd_rcpt
Type  Domain Description  This describes a ligand binding domain and includes extracellular ligand binding domains of a wide range of receptors, as well as the bacterial amino acid binding proteins of known structure [].

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR000337 GPCR, family 3 GPCR_3 Family
IPR001508 Ionotropic glutamate receptor, metazoa Iono_rcpt_met Family
IPR004073 GPCR, family 3, vomeronasal receptor, type 2 GPCR_3_vmron_rcpt_2 Family
IPR000202 GPCR, family 3, metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 GPCR_3_mtglu_rcpt_5 Family
IPR000709 Leu/Ile/Val-binding protein Leu_Ile_Val-bd Family
IPR001256 GPCR, family 3, metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 GPCR_3_mtglu_rcpt_1 Family
IPR017103 Ionotropic glutamate receptor, plant Iontropic_Glu_rcpt_pln Family
IPR019968 Urea ABC transporter, substrate-binding protein Urea_ABC_transptr_substrate-bd Family

1 Parent Features

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR028082 Periplasmic binding protein-like I Peripla_BP_I Domain

1 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Kuryatov A Mutational analysis of the glycine-binding site of the NMDA receptor: structural similarity with bacterial amino acid-binding proteins. 1994 Neuron 12 1291-300

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