InterPro : IPR003008

Name  Tubulin/FtsZ, GTPase domain Short Name  Tubulin_FtsZ_GTPase
Type  Domain Description  This entry represents a GTPase domain found in all tubulin chains, such as tubulin alpha, beta and gamma chains, and some bacterial FtsZ proteins []. These proteins are involved in polymer formation. Tubulin is the major component of microtubules, while FtsZ is the polymer-forming proteinof bacterial cell division, it is part of a ring in the middle of thedividing cell that is required for constriction of cell membrane andcell envelope to yield two daughter cells [, ]. FtsZ and tubulin are GTPases, this entry is the GTPase domain. FtsZ can polymerise into tubes, sheets, and rings invitro and isubiquitous in bacteria and archaea.

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3 Contains

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR017975 Tubulin, conserved site Tubulin_CS Conserved_site
IPR013838 Beta tubulin, autoregulation binding site Beta-tubulin_BS Binding_site
IPR020805 Cell division protein FtsZ, conserved site Cell_div_FtsZ_CS Conserved_site

8 Found In

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR000217 Tubulin Tubulin Family
IPR002454 Gamma tubulin Gamma_tubulin Family
IPR004057 Epsilon tubulin Epsilon_tubulin Family
IPR002967 Delta tubulin Delta_tubulin Family
IPR002452 Alpha tubulin Alpha_tubulin Family
IPR002453 Beta tubulin Beta_tubulin Family
IPR000158 Cell division protein FtsZ Cell_div_FtsZ Family
IPR004058 Zeta tubulin Zeta_tubulin Family

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3 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Nogales E Tubulin and FtsZ form a distinct family of GTPases. 1998 Nat Struct Biol 5 451-8
Löwe J Crystal structure of the bacterial cell-division protein FtsZ. 1998 Nature 391 203-6
Miklos GL An essential cell division gene of Drosophila, absent from Saccharomyces, encodes an unusual protein with tubulin-like and myosin-like peptide motifs. 1997 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 94 5189-94

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