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Name  HTH CenpB-type DNA-binding domain Short Name  HTH_CenpB_DNA-bd_dom
Type  Domain Description  The CENPB-type HTH domain is a DNA-binding, helix-turn-helix (HTH) domain ofabout 70-75 amino acids, present in eukaryotic centromere proteins andtransposases. The domain is named after the mammalian major centromereautoantigen B or centromere protein B (CENP-B), which is a fundamentalcentromere component of chromosomes. The N terminus of CENP-B contains twoDNA-binding HTH domains, which bind to adjacent major grooves of DNA. TheN terminus of CENP-B is formed by a psq-type HTH domain andC-terminal to this domain lies the CENPB-type HTH domain. These two HTHdomains together bind specifically to a 17-base-pair sequence, the CENP-B box,which occurs in alpha-satellite DNA in human centromeres [].The structure of the CENPB-type HTH domain is composed of three alpha-helices. The second and third helices connected via a turn comprisethe helix-turn-helix motif. Helix 3 is termed the recognition helix as itbinds the DNA major groove, like in other HTHs. In CENP-B this domainrecognises site 3 of the CENP-B box, while the preceding psq-type HTH binds site 1 of the CENP-B box, and a connecting linker loopbinds in the minor groove of DNA and recognises site 2 [].Some proteins known to contain a CENPB-type HTH domain:Mammalian centromere protein B (CENP-B), associated with the centromere and specifically binding DNA to the CENP-B box.Mammalian jerky protein, involved in epileptic seizures in mice [].Mammalian Pogo transposases []and tigger transposable elements [].Fission yeast ARS-binding protein 1 (abp1) []and CENP-B homologue proteins (CBHP-1 and 2), which are centromere proteins [, ].Candida albicans protein PDC2 (Pyruvate DeCarboxylase 2) [, ].Fungal transposases.

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IPR009057 Homeodomain-like Homeodomain-like Domain

10 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Tanaka Y Crystal structure of the CENP-B protein-DNA complex: the DNA-binding domains of CENP-B induce kinks in the CENP-B box DNA. 2001 EMBO J 20 6612-8
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Irelan JT Functional redundancies, distinct localizations and interactions among three fission yeast homologs of centromere protein-B. 2001 Genetics 157 1191-203

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