InterPro : IPR001650

Name  Helicase, C-terminal Short Name  Helicase_C
Type  Domain Description  Helicases have been classified in 5 superfamilies (SF1-SF5). For the two largest groups, commonly referred to as SF1 and SF2, a total of seven characteristic motifs has been identified []. These two superfamilies encompass a large number of DNA and RNA helicases from archaea, eubacteria, eukaryotes and viruses.This entry represents the C-terminal domain found in proteins belonging to the helicase superfamilies 1 and 2. Included in this group is the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4A (eIF4A), a member of the DEA(D/H)-box RNA helicase family. The structure of the carboxyl-terminal domain of eIF4A has been determined; it has a parallel alpha-beta topology that superimposes, with minor variations, on the structures and conserved motifs of the equivalent domain in other, distantly related helicases [].

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR004589 DNA helicase, ATP-dependent, RecQ type DNA_helicase_ATP-dep_RecQ Family
IPR005259 Primosomal protein n PriA Family
IPR000185 Protein translocase subunit SecA SecA Family
IPR014018 SecA motor DEAD SecA_motor_DEAD Domain
IPR004807 UvrABC system, subunit B UvrB Family
IPR006474 Helicase Cas3, CRISPR-associated, core Helicase_Cas3_CRISPR-ass_core Domain
IPR022307 DEAD/DEAH-box helicase, putative, actinobacteria Helicase_put_actinobac Family
IPR006293 DNA helicase, ATP-dependent, RecQ type, bacterial DNA_helicase_ATP-dep_RecQ_bac Family
IPR004576 Transcription-repair coupling factor Mfd Family
IPR016438 RNA helicase, ATP-dependent, SK12/DOB1 RNA_helicase_ATP-dep_SK12/DOB1 Family
IPR004609 ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecG ATP-dep_DNA_helicase_RecG Family
IPR010222 RNA helicase, ATP-dependent DEAH box, HrpA-type RNA_helicase_ATP-dep_DEAH_HrpA Family
IPR010225 RNA helicase, ATP-dependent DEAH box, HrpB-type RNA_helicase_ATP-dep_DEAH_HrpB Family
IPR017575 CRISPR-associated helicase, CYANO-type CRISPR-assoc_helicase_CYANO Family
IPR017170 Lhr-like ATP-dependent RNA helicase, predicted Lhr-like_ATP-dep_RNA_helic_prd Family
IPR014412 Genome polyprotein, Flavivirus Gen_Poly_FLV Family
IPR013444 Helicase Cas3, CRISPR-associated, Anaes-subtype Helicase_Cas3_CRISPR-ass_Anaes Family

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2 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Gorbalenya AE Two related superfamilies of putative helicases involved in replication, recombination, repair and expression of DNA and RNA genomes. 1989 Nucleic Acids Res 17 4713-30
Caruthers JM Crystal structure of yeast initiation factor 4A, a DEAD-box RNA helicase. 2000 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 97 13080-5

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