Transcript : SMEST021791001.1 S. mediterranea S2F2

Length  798   Source  In silico gene prediction (AUGUSTUS v3.3)
Score  0.13

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3 Blast Sequence Features

Blast Target Species Blast Description evalue Contig Location Length Strand
XP_015754742.1 Acropora digitifera ETS-related transcription factor Elf-2-like 4.84E-5 393-689 297 1
NP_504949.1 Caenorhabditis elegans hypothetical protein 4.88E-6 408-692 285 1
XP_002115471.1 Trichoplax adhaerens hypothetical protein 1.83E-5 456-692 237 1

4 Domain Sequence Features

Domain Type InterPro Domain Description Score Contig Location Length Strand
PTHR11849:SF190 PANTHER   3.2E-14 345-683 339 1
SSF46785 SSF IPR011991 Winged helixDNA-binding domain 8.5E-25 384-698 315 1
PTHR11849 PANTHER ETS 3.2E-14 345-683 339 1
PF00178 PFAM IPR000418 Ets-domain 1.9E-21 456-683 228 1


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2 ORFs

Contig Location Length Strand Sequence
90-713 624 1
494-652 159 -1

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