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Name  Brodeur GM

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Beltinger CP Physical mapping and genomic structure of the human TNFR2 gene. 1996 Genomics 35 94-100
Thompson PM CHD5, a new member of the chromodomain gene family, is preferentially expressed in the nervous system. 2003 Oncogene 22 1002-11
Fujita T CHD5, a tumor suppressor gene deleted from 1p36.31 in neuroblastomas. 2008 J Natl Cancer Inst 100 940-9
Zhuang T CHD5 is required for spermiogenesis and chromatin condensation. 2014 Mech Dev 131 35-46
Frühwald MC Gene amplification in PNETs/medulloblastomas: mapping of a novel amplified gene within the MYCN amplicon. 2000 J Med Genet 37 501-9

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