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Wu JW Structural mechanism of Smad4 recognition by the nuclear oncoprotein Ski: insights on Ski-mediated repression of TGF-beta signaling. 2002 Cell 111 357-67
Pan D SnoN functions as a tumour suppressor by inducing premature senescence. 2009 EMBO J 28 3500-13
Deheuninck J Ski and SnoN, potent negative regulators of TGF-beta signaling. 2009 Cell Res 19 47-57
Luo K Ski and SnoN: negative regulators of TGF-beta signaling. 2004 Curr Opin Genet Dev 14 65-70
Stroschein SL Negative feedback regulation of TGF-beta signaling by the SnoN oncoprotein. 1999 Science 286 771-4
Yuan J USP10 regulates p53 localization and stability by deubiquitinating p53. 2010 Cell 140 384-96

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