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Romier C Crystal structure of tRNA-guanine transglycosylase: RNA modification by base exchange. 1996 EMBO J 15 2850-7
Raaijmakers H X-ray structure of T4 endonuclease VII: a DNA junction resolvase with a novel fold and unusual domain-swapped dimer architecture. 1999 EMBO J 18 1447-58
Garforth SJ Mutagenesis of conserved lysine residues in bacteriophage T5 5'-3' exonuclease suggests separate mechanisms of endo-and exonucleolytic cleavage. 1999 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 96 38-43
Raaijmakers H Conformational flexibility in T4 endonuclease VII revealed by crystallography: implications for substrate binding and cleavage. 2001 J Mol Biol 308 311-23
Suck D Structure of DNase I at 2.0 A resolution suggests a mechanism for binding to and cutting DNA. 1986 Nature 321 620-5
Suck D Structure refined to 2A of a nicked DNA octanucleotide complex with DNase I. 1988 Nature 332 464-8
Kabsch W Atomic structure of the actin:DNase I complex. 1990 Nature 347 37-44
Simader H Structural basis of yeast aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase complex formation revealed by crystal structures of two binary sub-complexes. 2006 Nucleic Acids Res 34 3968-79
Ceska TA A helical arch allowing single-stranded DNA to thread through T5 5'-exonuclease. 1996 Nature 382 90-3
Mayer C The archaeal homolog of the Imp4 protein, a eukaryotic U3 snoRNP component. 2001 Trends Biochem Sci 26 143-4

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