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Dermody TS Sequence diversity in S1 genes and S1 translation products of 11 serotype 3 reovirus strains. 1990 J Virol 64 4842-50
Luongo CL Localization of a C-terminal region of lambda2 protein in reovirus cores. 1997 J Virol 71 8035-40
Liemann S Structure of the reovirus membrane-penetration protein, Mu1, in a complex with is protector protein, Sigma3. 2002 Cell 108 283-95
Breun LA Mammalian reovirus L2 gene and lambda2 core spike protein sequences and whole-genome comparisons of reoviruses type 1 Lang, type 2 Jones, and type 3 Dearing. 2001 Virology 287 333-48
Chen D Rotavirus open cores catalyze 5'-capping and methylation of exogenous RNA: evidence that VP3 is a methyltransferase. 1999 Virology 265 120-30
Parker JS Reovirus core protein mu2 determines the filamentous morphology of viral inclusion bodies by interacting with and stabilizing microtubules. 2002 J Virol 76 4483-96
Tao Y RNA synthesis in a cage--structural studies of reovirus polymerase lambda3. 2002 Cell 111 733-45
Olland AM Structure of the reovirus outer capsid and dsRNA-binding protein sigma3 at 1.8 A resolution. 2001 EMBO J 20 979-89

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