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Ilyin VA 2.9 A crystal structure of ligand-free tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase: domain movements fragment the adenine nucleotide binding site. 2000 Protein Sci 9 218-31
Yin Y Impaired resection of meiotic double-strand breaks channels repair to nonhomologous end joining in Caenorhabditis elegans. 2013 Mol Cell Biol 33 2732-47
Wong BC Distribution of distinct vacA, cagA and iceA alleles in Helicobacter pylori in Hong Kong. 2001 Helicobacter 6 317-24
Zdunek J Global structure and dynamics of human apolipoprotein CII in complex with micelles: evidence for increased mobility of the helix involved in the activation of lipoprotein lipase. 2003 Biochemistry 42 1872-89
Mora-García S Nuclear protein phosphatases with Kelch-repeat domains modulate the response to brassinosteroids in Arabidopsis. 2004 Genes Dev 18 448-60
Yin Y PTEN: a new guardian of the genome. 2008 Oncogene 27 5443-53
Davey MG The chicken talpid3 gene encodes a novel protein essential for Hedgehog signaling. 2006 Genes Dev 20 1365-77

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