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Bork P A module of the DnaJ heat shock proteins found in malaria parasites. 1992 Trends Biochem Sci 17 129
Valencia A The ras protein family: evolutionary tree and role of conserved amino acids. 1991 Biochemistry 30 4637-48
Carilla-Latorre S MidA is a putative methyltransferase that is required for mitochondrial complex I function. 2010 J Cell Sci 123 1674-83
Bork P An ATPase domain common to prokaryotic cell cycle proteins, sugar kinases, actin, and hsp70 heat shock proteins. 1992 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 89 7290-4
Bork P Convergent evolution of similar enzymatic function on different protein folds: the hexokinase, ribokinase, and galactokinase families of sugar kinases. 1993 Protein Sci 2 31-40
Garcia-Ranea JA p23 and HSP20/alpha-crystallin proteins define a conserved sequence domain present in other eukaryotic protein families. 2002 FEBS Lett 529 162-7
Sánchez-Pulido L BRICHOS: a conserved domain in proteins associated with dementia, respiratory distress and cancer. 2002 Trends Biochem Sci 27 329-32
Sánchez-Pulido L MARVEL: a conserved domain involved in membrane apposition events. 2002 Trends Biochem Sci 27 599-601
Sánchez-Pulido L POTRA: a conserved domain in the FtsQ family and a class of beta-barrel outer membrane proteins. 2003 Trends Biochem Sci 28 523-6
Cabrera JR Gas1 is related to the glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor family receptors alpha and regulates Ret signaling. 2006 J Biol Chem 281 14330-9
Blanco FJ Solution structure of the hypothetical protein Mth677 from Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum: a novel alpha+beta fold. 2004 Protein Sci 13 1458-65
Pineda-Trujillo N A CLN5 mutation causing an atypical neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis of juvenile onset. 2005 Neurology 64 740-2

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