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Mohr IJ Targeting the E1 replication protein to the papillomavirus origin of replication by complex formation with the E2 transactivator. 1990 Science 250 1694-9
Alam TI The headful packaging nuclease of bacteriophage T4. 2008 Mol Microbiol 69 1180-90
Blackwell K TRAF2 phosphorylation modulates tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced gene expression and cell resistance to apoptosis. 2009 Mol Cell Biol 29 303-14
Clendenning M A frame-shift mutation of PMS2 is a widespread cause of Lynch syndrome. 2008 J Med Genet 45 340-5
Du R URG11 promotes gastric cancer growth and invasion by activation of beta-catenin signalling pathway. 2010 J Cell Mol Med 14 621-35

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