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Himanen JP Ligand recognition by A-class Eph receptors: crystal structures of the EphA2 ligand-binding domain and the EphA2/ephrin-A1 complex. 2009 EMBO Rep 10 722-8
Horuk R Expression of chemokine receptors by subsets of neurons in the central nervous system. 1997 J Immunol 158 2882-90
Guo H Substrate conformational transitions in the active site of chorismate mutase: their role in the catalytic mechanism. 2001 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 98 9032-7
Feng L Structure of the Shigella dysenteriae 7 O antigen gene cluster and identification of its antigen specific genes. 2004 Microb Pathog 36 109-15

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