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Klein DJ The roles of ribosomal proteins in the structure assembly, and evolution of the large ribosomal subunit. 2004 J Mol Biol 340 141-77
Kohlstaedt LA Crystal structure at 3.5 A resolution of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase complexed with an inhibitor. 1992 Science 256 1783-90
Perona JJ Structural basis for transfer RNA aminoacylation by Escherichia coli glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase. 1993 Biochemistry 32 8758-71
Tormo J Crystal structure of a bacterial family-III cellulose-binding domain: a general mechanism for attachment to cellulose. 1996 EMBO J 15 5739-51
Silvian LF Insights into editing from an ile-tRNA synthetase structure with tRNAile and mupirocin. 1999 Science 285 1074-7
Shamoo Y Building a replisome from interacting pieces: sliding clamp complexed to a peptide from DNA polymerase and a polymerase editing complex. 1999 Cell 99 155-66
Wang J Crystal structures of an NH2-terminal fragment of T4 DNA polymerase and its complexes with single-stranded DNA and with divalent metal ions. 1996 Biochemistry 35 8110-9
Li F Sulfolobus shibatae CCA-adding enzyme forms a tetramer upon binding two tRNA molecules: A scrunching-shuttling model of CCA specificity. 2000 J Mol Biol 304 483-92
Lu M Structure of Escherichia coli ribosomal protein L25 complexed with a 5S rRNA fragment at 1.8-A resolution. 2000 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 97 2023-8
Li F Crystal structures of the Bacillus stearothermophilus CCA-adding enzyme and its complexes with ATP or CTP. 2002 Cell 111 815-24
Shamoo Y Crystal structure of a replication fork single-stranded DNA binding protein (T4 gp32) complexed to DNA. 1995 Nature 376 362-6
Klein DJ The kink-turn: a new RNA secondary structure motif. 2001 EMBO J 20 4214-21
Schmeing TM Structural insights into the roles of water and the 2' hydroxyl of the P site tRNA in the peptidyl transferase reaction. 2005 Mol Cell 20 437-48
Kamtekar S The structural basis of cysteine aminoacylation of tRNAPro by prolyl-tRNA synthetases. 2003 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 100 1673-8
Xiong Y Crystal structures of an archaeal class I CCA-adding enzyme and its nucleotide complexes. 2003 Mol Cell 12 1165-72
Bellon SF Crystal structure of the RAG1 dimerization domain reveals multiple zinc-binding motifs including a novel zinc binuclear cluster. 1997 Nat Struct Biol 4 586-91
Kim Y Crystal structure of Thermus aquaticus DNA polymerase. 1995 Nature 376 612-6
Eom SH Structure of Taq polymerase with DNA at the polymerase active site. 1996 Nature 382 278-81
Yin FF Structure of the RAG1 nonamer binding domain with DNA reveals a dimer that mediates DNA synapsis. 2009 Nat Struct Mol Biol 16 499-508
Ban N The complete atomic structure of the large ribosomal subunit at 2.4 A resolution. 2000 Science 289 905-20
Yin YW Structural basis for the transition from initiation to elongation transcription in T7 RNA polymerase. 2002 Science 298 1387-95
Jeruzalmi D Structure of T7 RNA polymerase complexed to the transcriptional inhibitor T7 lysozyme. 1998 EMBO J 17 4101-13

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