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Mitchell GA 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A lyase (HL). Cloning of human and chicken liver HL cDNAs and characterization of a mutation causing human HL deficiency. 1993 J Biol Chem 268 4376-81
Chemelli RM Narcolepsy in orexin knockout mice: molecular genetics of sleep regulation. 1999 Cell 98 437-51
Willie JT Distinct narcolepsy syndromes in Orexin receptor-2 and Orexin null mice: molecular genetic dissection of Non-REM and REM sleep regulatory processes. 2003 Neuron 38 715-30
Zheng P B7-CTLA4 interaction enhances both production of antitumor cytotoxic T lymphocytes and resistance to tumor challenge. 1998 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 95 6284-9
Lee C Structural basis for inhibition of the replication licensing factor Cdt1 by geminin. 2004 Nature 430 913-7
Lee C Yeast mitochondrial initiator tRNA is methylated at guanosine 37 by the Trm5-encoded tRNA (guanine-N1-)-methyltransferase. 2007 J Biol Chem 282 27744-53
Wu CH Molecular characterization of Drosophila NELF. 2005 Nucleic Acids Res 33 1269-79
Poss KD Germ cell aneuploidy in zebrafish with mutations in the mitotic checkpoint gene mps1. 2004 Genes Dev 18 1527-32
Lee HK Protein kinase C-eta and phospholipase D2 pathway regulates foam cell formation via regulator of G protein signaling 2. 2010 Mol Pharmacol 78 478-85
Lee C Structure of human FIH-1 reveals a unique active site pocket and interaction sites for HIF-1 and von Hippel-Lindau. 2003 J Biol Chem 278 7558-63
Fairbank PD Shroom2 (APXL) regulates melanosome biogenesis and localization in the retinal pigment epithelium. 2006 Development 133 4109-18
Tan MG Decreased rabphilin 3A immunoreactivity in Alzheimer's disease is associated with Aβ burden. 2014 Neurochem Int 64 29-36
Lee C PDGF-C: a new performer in the neurovascular interplay. 2013 Trends Mol Med 19 474-86
Choi M Roles of the PDZ domain-binding motif of the human papillomavirus type 16 E6 on the immortalization and differentiation of primary human foreskin keratinocytes. 2014 Virus Genes 48 224-32
Ahn J Srg3, a mouse homolog of BAF155, is a novel p53 target and acts as a tumor suppressor by modulating p21(WAF1/CIP1) expression. 2011 Oncogene 30 445-56

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