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Daly NL Three-dimensional structure of a cysteine-rich repeat from the low-density lipoprotein receptor. 1995 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 92 6334-8
Rayment I Three-dimensional structure of myosin subfragment-1: a molecular motor. 1993 Science 261 50-8
Fletcher JI High-resolution solution structure of gurmarin, a sweet-taste-suppressing plant polypeptide. 1999 Eur J Biochem 264 525-33
Wang X Discovery and characterization of a family of insecticidal neurotoxins with a rare vicinal disulfide bridge. 2000 Nat Struct Biol 7 505-13
Torres AM Solution structure of a defensin-like peptide from platypus venom. 1999 Biochem J 341 ( Pt 3) 785-94
Fletcher JI The structure of a novel insecticidal neurotoxin, omega-atracotoxin-HV1, from the venom of an Australian funnel web spider. 1997 Nat Struct Biol 4 559-66
Wang X Structure-function studies of omega-atracotoxin, a potent antagonist of insect voltage-gated calcium channels. 1999 Eur J Biochem 264 488-94
Anand-Apte B A review of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-3 (TIMP-3) and experimental analysis of its effect on primary tumor growth. 1996 Biochem Cell Biol 74 853-62
Bieri S Disulfide bridges of a cysteine-rich repeat of the LDL receptor ligand-binding domain. 1995 Biochemistry 34 13059-65
Smith R Loss of SNAP-25 and rabphilin 3a in sensory-motor cortex in Huntington's disease. 2007 J Neurochem 103 115-23

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