InterPro : IPR010906

Name  Bacteriophage lambda, Nu1, terminase small subunit Short Name  Phage_lambda_Nu1_terminase-ssu
Type  Family Description  This entry is represented by the Bacteriophage lambda, Nu1, terminase small subunit. The characteristics of the protein distribution suggest prophage matches in addition to the phage matches.Terminase, the DNA packaging enzyme of bacteriophage lambda, is a heteromultimer composed of subunits Nu1 and A. The smaller Nu1 terminase subunit has a low-affinity ATPase stimulated by non-specific DNA [].

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR011991 Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding domain WHTH_DNA-bd_dom Domain
IPR009061 DNA binding domain, putative DNA-bd_dom_put Domain

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Hwang Y A mutation correcting the DNA interaction defects of a mutant phage lambda terminase, gpNu1 K35A terminase. 1999 Virology 265 196-205

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