InterPro : IPR003660

Name  HAMP linker domain Short Name  HAMP_linker_domain
Type  Domain Description  The HAMP linker domain (present in Histidine kinases, Adenyl cyclases, Methyl-accepting proteins and Phosphatases) is an approximately 50-amino acid alpha-helical region. It is found in bacterial sensor and chemotaxis proteins and in eukaryotic histidine kinases. The bacterial proteins are usually integral membrane proteins and part of a two-component signal transduction pathway. One or several copies of the HAMP domain can be found in association with other domains, such as the histidine kinase domain, the bacterial chemotaxis sensory transducer domain, the PAS repeat, the EAL domain, the GGDEF domain, the protein phosphatase 2C-like domain, the guanylate cyclase domain, or the response regulatory domain. It has been suggested that the HAMP domain possesses a role of regulating the phosphorylation or methylation of homodimeric receptors by transmitting the conformational changes in periplasmic ligand-binding domains to cytoplasmic signalling kinase and methyl-acceptor domains.

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR006290 Heavy metal sensor kinase CztS_silS_copS Family
IPR017116 Signal transduction histidine kinase, PgtB Sig_transdc_His_kinase_PgtB Family
IPR017232 Signal transduction histidine kinase, nitrogen fixation and metabolism regulator Sig_transdc_His_kinase_NtrY Family
IPR014302 Signal transduction histidine kinase, TMAO sensor TorS Sig_transdc_His_kinase_TorS Family
IPR016380 Signal transduction histidine kinase, nitrate/nitrite-sensing Sig_transdc_His_kin_NarX/NarQ Family
IPR022510 Sortase system, histidine kinase Sortase_His-kinase Family
IPR017204 Signal transduction histidine kinase, STH3221, predicted Sig_transdc_His_kin_STH3221 Family
IPR008358 Signal transduction histidine kinase/phosphatase, lantibiotic regulatory protein MprB Sig_transdc_His_kin/Pase_MprB Family

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