InterPro : IPR013871

Name  Cysteine-rich secretory protein Short Name  Cysteine_rich_secretory
Type  Domain Description  This entry is found on Crisp proteins which contain and has been termed the Crisp domain. It is found in the mammalian reproductive tract and the venom of reptiles, and has been shown to regulate ryanodine receptor Ca2+ signalling []. It contains 10 conserved cysteines which are all involved in disulphide bonds and is structurally related to the ion channel inhibitor toxins BgK and ShK [].

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Gibbs GM The cysteine-rich secretory protein domain of Tpx-1 is related to ion channel toxins and regulates ryanodine receptor Ca2+ signaling. 2006 J Biol Chem 281 4156-63

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