InterPro : IPR023437

Name  Argininosuccinate synthase, type 2 subfamily Short Name  Arg_succ_synth_type2_subfam
Type  Family Description  Argininosuccinate synthase () (AS) is a urea cycle enzyme that catalyzes the penultimate step in arginine biosynthesis: the ATP-dependent ligation of citrulline to aspartate to form argininosuccinate, AMP and pyrophosphate [, ].In humans, a defect in the AS gene causes citrullinemia, a genetic diseasecharacterised by severe vomiting spells and mental retardation.AS is a homotetrameric enzyme of chains of about 400 amino-acid residues. An arginine seems to be important for the enzyme's catalytic mechanism. The sequences of AS from various prokaryotes, archaebacteria and eukaryotes show significant similarity.This entry represents argininosuccinate synthase, type 2 subfamily.

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IPR001518 Argininosuccinate synthase Arginosuc_synth Family

2 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Van Vliet F Sequences of the genes encoding argininosuccinate synthetase in Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae: comparison with methanogenic archaebacteria and mammals. 1990 Gene 95 99-104
Morris CJ Conservation of structure in the human gene encoding argininosuccinate synthetase and the argG genes of the archaebacteria Methanosarcina barkeri MS and Methanococcus vannielii. 1988 J Bacteriol 170 3125-30

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