InterPro : IPR013430

Name  Toxin-antitoxin system, antidote protein, HigA Short Name  Toxin_antidote_HigA
Type  Family Description  Proteins in this entry form a distinct group of helix-turn-helix proteins, which are strictly bacterial and nearly always shorter than 110 amino acids. They include the characterised member HigA, without which the killer protein HigB cannot be cloned. The hig (host inhibition of growth) system is noted to be unusual in that killer protein is encoded by the upstream member of the gene pair [].

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IPR001387 Cro/C1-type helix-turn-helix domain Cro/C1-type_HTH Domain

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Tian QB Specific protein-DNA and protein-protein interaction in the hig gene system, a plasmid-borne proteic killer gene system of plasmid Rts1. 2001 Plasmid 45 63-74

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