InterPro : IPR005277

Name  Uncharacterised protein family, Major Facilitator Superfamily MSF4 Short Name  Uncharacterised_MSF4
Type  Family Description  The MFS is a very old, large and diverse superfamily that includes several hundred sequenced members. They catalyze uniport, solute:cation (H+ or Na+) symport and/or solute:H+ or solute:solute antiport. Most are of 400-600 amino acyl residues in length and possess either 12 or 14 putative transmembrane a-helical spanners. They exhibit specificity for sugars, polyols, drugs, neurotransmitters, Krebs cycle metabolites, phosphorylated glycolytic intermediates, amino acids, peptides, osmolites, nucleosides, organic anions, inorganic anions, etc. They are found ubiquitously in all three kingdoms of living organisms. The generalized transport reactions catalyzed by MFS porters are: (1)Uniport: S (out) S (in).(2)Symport: S (out) + [H+ or Na+](out) --->S (in) + [H+ or Na+](in).(3)Antiport: S1 (out) + S2 (in) S1 (in) + S2 (out), (S1 may be H+ or a solute)This family of proteins are uncharacterised proteins from archaea, which may be major facilitators. This family includes proteins from Archaeoglobus fulgidusand Aeropyrum pernix.

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IPR011701 Major facilitator superfamily MFS Family

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