InterPro : IPR012884

Name  Excisionase-like Short Name  Excisionase-like
Type  Domain Description  The phage-encoded excisionase protein (Xis, ) is involved in excisive recombination by regulating the assembly of the excisive intasome and by inhibiting viral integration. It adopts an unusual winged-helix structure in which two alpha helices are packed against two extended strands. Also present in the structure is a two-stranded anti-parallel beta-sheet, whose strands are connected by a four-residue wing. During interaction with DNA, helix alpha2 is thought to insert into the major groove, while the wing contacts the adjacent minor groove or phosphodiester backbone. The C-terminal region of Xis is involved in interaction with phage-encoded integrase (Int), and a putative C-terminal alpha helix may fold upon interaction with Int and/or DNA [].

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IPR009061 DNA binding domain, putative DNA-bd_dom_put Domain

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Sam MD Regulation of directionality in bacteriophage lambda site-specific recombination: structure of the Xis protein. 2002 J Mol Biol 324 791-805

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