InterPro : IPR010193

Name  Serine-protein kinase RsbW Short Name  RsbW
Type  Family Description  This entry describes the serine-protein kinase RsbW also known as the anti-sigma B factor. Sigma B controls the general stress regulon in B subtilis and is activated by cell stresses such as stationary phase and heat shock. RsbW binds to sigma B and prevents formation of the transcription complex at the promoter []. RsbV (anti-anti-sigma factor) binds to RsbW to inhibit association with sigma B, however RsbW can phosphorylate RsbV, causing disassociation of the RsbV/RsbW complex []. Low ATP level or environmental stress causes the dephosphorylation of RsbV [].

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IPR003594 Histidine kinase-like ATPase, C-terminal domain HATPase_C Domain

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Benson AK Bacillus subtilis sigma B is regulated by a binding protein (RsbW) that blocks its association with core RNA polymerase. 1993 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 90 2330-4
Voelker U Reactivation of the Bacillus subtilis anti-sigma B antagonist, RsbV, by stress- or starvation-induced phosphatase activities. 1996 J Bacteriol 178 5456-63
Dufour A Interactions between a Bacillus subtilis anti-sigma factor (RsbW) and its antagonist (RsbV). 1994 J Bacteriol 176 1813-20

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