InterPro : IPR020533

Name  Developmental regulator, ULTRAPETALA Short Name  Developmental_reg_ULTRAPETALA
Type  Family Description  This entry represents a developmental regulator that acts as a key negative regulator of cell accumulation in shoot and floral meristems. Negatively regulates the size of the WUSCHEL (WUS)-expressing organising centre in inflorescence meristems. May act by down-regulating expression of WUS and can compensate for mutant ULT1 protein when over expressed [].

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IPR000770 SAND domain SAND_dom Domain

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Carles CC ULTRAPETALA1 encodes a SAND domain putative transcriptional regulator that controls shoot and floral meristem activity in Arabidopsis. 2005 Development 132 897-911

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