InterPro : IPR017534

Name  GNAT-acetyltransferase Short Name  GNAT-acetyltransferase
Type  Family Description  Members of this protein family belong to the GNAT family of acetyltransferases. Each is part of a conserved three-gene cassette sparsely distributed across at least twenty different species known so far, including alpha, beta, and gamma Proteobacteria, Mycobacterium, and Prosthecochloris, which is a member of the Chlorobi. The other two members of the cassette are a probable protease and an asparagine synthetase family protein.

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR000182 GNAT domain GNAT_dom Domain
IPR013651 ATP-grasp fold, RimK-type ATP-grasp_RimK-type Domain
IPR011761 ATP-grasp fold ATP-grasp Domain

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