InterPro : IPR000870

Name  Homoserine kinase Short Name  Homoserine_kinase
Type  Family Description  Saccharomyces cerevisiaestrains containing the erg8-1 mutation are temperature sensitive for growth due to a defect in phosphomevalonate kinase, an enzyme of isoprene and ergosterol biosynthesis. Subcloning and DNA sequencing have defined the functional ERG8 regulon as an 850bp upstream region and an adjacent 1,272bp open reading frame. The deduced ERG8 protein contains 424 residues and shows no similarity to known proteins, except within a putative ATP-binding domain present in many kinases []. Enzymes that share the N-terminal Gly/Ser-rich putative ATP-binding region include galactokinase, homoserine kinase, mevalonate kinase and phosphomevalonate kinase. Homoserine kinase is a homodimeric enzyme involved in threonine biosynthesis. Sequence comparison of the yeast enzyme with the corresponding proteins from bacterial sources reveals the presence of several highly conserved regions, the pattern of occurrence of which suggests that the ancestral sequences might have been composed from separate (functional) domains. A block of similar residues, found towards the C terminus,is also present in many other proteins involved in threonine (or serine) metabolism; this motif may therefore represent the binding site for the hydroxy-amino acids. Limited similarity was detected between a motif conserved among the homoserine kinases and consensus sequences found in other mono- or dinucleotide-binding proteins [].

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR013750 GHMP kinase, C-terminal domain GHMP_kinase_C_dom Domain
IPR006204 GHMP kinase N-terminal domain GHMP_kinase_N_dom Domain
IPR014721 Ribosomal protein S5 domain 2-type fold, subgroup Ribosomal_S5_D2-typ_fold_subgr Domain
IPR006203 GHMP kinase, ATP-binding, conserved site GHMP_knse_ATP-bd_CS Conserved_site

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Mannhaupt G Yeast homoserine kinase. Characteristics of the corresponding gene, THR1, and the purified enzyme, and evolutionary relationships with other enzymes of threonine metabolism. 1990 Eur J Biochem 191 115-22
Tsay YH Cloning and characterization of ERG8, an essential gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that encodes phosphomevalonate kinase. 1991 Mol Cell Biol 11 620-31

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