InterPro : IPR006315

Name  Outer membrane autotransporter barrel Short Name  OM_autotransptr_brl
Type  Domain Description  The secretion of protein products occurs by a number of different pathways in bacteria and several secretion mechanisms have been described for Gram-negative bacteria [], an increasing number employ a highly efficient but simple mechanism first described for the immunoglobulin A1 (IgA1) proteases [, ]. The autotransporter secretion pathway []is a distinct secretion mechanism, in which the protein moiety mediating export through the outer membrane is contained within the precursor of the secreted protein itself. Autotransporters have been implicated as important or putative virulence factors []such as mediating adhesion to host cells or by mediating actin-promoted bacterial mobility [].The key feature of an autotransporter is that it contains all the information for secretion in the precursor of the secreted protein itself []. Autotransporters comprise three functional domains: 1) an N-terminal targeting domain (amino-terminal leader sequence) that functions as a signal peptide to mediate targeting to and translocation across the inner membrane 2) a C-terminal translocation domain (carboxy-terminal) that forms a beta-barrel pore to allow the secretion []of 3) the passenger domain, the secreted mature protein [].This entry shows the C-terminal autotransporter domain, it is about 400 amino acids in length and includes the aromatic amino acid-rich OMP signal, typically ending with a Phe or Trp residue, at the extreme C terminus.

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2 Contains

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR005546 Autotransporter beta-domain Auto_transptbeta Domain
IPR004899 Pertactin, central region Pertactin_central Domain

3 Found In

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR003991 Pertactin virulence factor family Pertactin_virulence_factor Family
IPR003992 Pertactin Pertactin Family
IPR017186 Lipase, autotransporter EstA Lipase_autotranspt_EstA Family

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6 Publications

First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Pohlner J Gene structure and extracellular secretion of Neisseria gonorrhoeae IgA protease. 1987 Nature 325 458-62
Henderson IR The great escape: structure and function of the autotransporter proteins. 1998 Trends Microbiol 6 370-8
Veiga E Export of autotransported proteins proceeds through an oligomeric ring shaped by C-terminal domains. 2002 EMBO J 21 2122-31
Lee VT Protein secretion and the pathogenesis of bacterial infections. 2001 Genes Dev 15 1725-52
Jose J Common structural features of IgA1 protease-like outer membrane protein autotransporters. 1995 Mol Microbiol 18 378-80
Henderson IR Virulence functions of autotransporter proteins. 2001 Infect Immun 69 1231-43

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