InterPro : IPR028622

Name  ATP-dependent RNA helicase RhlE Short Name  DEAD_helicase_RhlE
Type  Family Description  RNA helicases from the DEAD-box family are found in almost all organisms andhave important roles in RNA metabolism, such as splicing, RNA transport,ribosome biogenesis, translation and RNA decay. They are enzymes that unwinddouble-stranded RNA molecules in an energy dependent fashion through thehydrolysis of NTP. DEAD-box RNA helicases belong to superfamily 2 (SF2) ofhelicases. As other SF1 and SF2 members they contain seven conserved motifswhich are characteristic of these two superfamilies [].DEAD-box is named after the amino acids of motif II or Walker B (Mg2+-bindingaspartic acid). RhlE is a DEAD-box RNA helicase that is involved in ribosome assembly. It may play a role in the interconversion of ribosomal RNA-folding intermediates that are further processed by DeaD or SrmB during ribosome maturation [].

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Koonin EV Autogenous translation regulation by Escherichia coli ATPase SecA may be mediated by an intrinsic RNA helicase activity of this protein. 1992 FEBS Lett 298 6-8
Jain C The E. coli RhlE RNA helicase regulates the function of related RNA helicases during ribosome assembly. 2008 RNA 14 381-9

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