InterPro : IPR011776

Name  Magnesium chelatase, ATPase subunit D Short Name  Mg_chelatase_ATPase-dsu
Type  Family Description  This entry represents one of two ATPase subunits of the trimeric magnesium chelatase responsible for insertion of magnesium ion into protoporphyrin IX. This is an essential step in the biosynthesis of both chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll. This subunit is found in green plants, photosynthetic algae, cyanobacteria and other photosynthetic bacteria. Unlike subunit I (), this subunit is not found in archaea.

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR002035 von Willebrand factor, type A VWF_A Domain
IPR000523 Magnesium chelatase, ChlI subunit Mg_chelatse_chII Domain

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