InterPro : IPR014104

Name  Myxoxanthophyll biosynthesis, C-3',4' desaturase CrtD Short Name  Myxoxanthophyll_desat_CrtD
Type  Family Description  Members of this family are encoded by slr1293, a carotenoid biosynthesis protein which was shown to be the C-3',4' desaturase (CrtD) of myxoxanthophyll biosynthesis in Synechocystis sp.(strain PCC 6803), and close homologues (presumed to be functionally equivalent) from other cyanobacteria, where myxoxanthophyll biosynthesis is either known or expected. This enzyme can act on neurosporene and so presumably catalyses the first step that is committed to myxoxanthophyll.

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IPR006076 FAD dependent oxidoreductase FAD-dep_OxRdtase Domain
IPR002937 Amine oxidase Amino_oxidase Domain

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