InterPro : IPR006293

Name  DNA helicase, ATP-dependent, RecQ type, bacterial Short Name  DNA_helicase_ATP-dep_RecQ_bac
Type  Family Description  The ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecQ () is involved in genome maintenance []. All homologues tested to date unwind paired DNA, translocating in a 3' to 5' direction and several have a preference for forked or 4-way DNA structures (e.g. Holliday junctions) or for G-quartet DNA. The yeast protein, Sgs1, is present in numerous foci that coincide with sites of de novosynthesis DNA, such as the replication fork, and protein levels peak during S-phase.A model has been proposed for Sgs1p action in the S-phase checkpoint response, both as a 'sensor' for damage during replication and a 'resolvase' for structures that arise atpaused forks, such as the four-way 'chickenfoot' structure. The action of Sgs1p may serve to maintain the proper amount and integrity of ss DNA that isnecessary for the binding of RPA (replication protein A, the eukaryotic ss DNA-binding protein)-DNA pol complexes. Sgs1p would thus function by detecting (or resolving) aberrant DNA structures, and would thuscontribute to the full activation of the DNA-dependent protein kinase, Mec1p and the effector kinase, Rad53p. Its ability to bind both the large subunit of RPA and theRecA-like protein Rad51p, place it in a unique position to resolve inappropriate fork structures that can occur when either the leading or lagging strandsynthesis is stalled. Thus, RecQ helicases integrate checkpoint activation and checkpoint response.

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR001650 Helicase, C-terminal Helicase_C Domain
IPR011545 DEAD/DEAH box helicase domain DEAD/DEAH_box_helicase_dom Domain
IPR010997 HRDC-like HRDC-like Domain
IPR002121 HRDC domain HRDC_dom Domain
IPR018982 RQC domain RQC_domain Domain
IPR014001 Helicase superfamily 1/2, ATP-binding domain Helicase_ATP-bd Domain

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR004589 DNA helicase, ATP-dependent, RecQ type DNA_helicase_ATP-dep_RecQ Family

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Cobb JA RecQ helicases: at the heart of genetic stability. 2002 FEBS Lett 529 43-8

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