InterPro : IPR014646

Name  Replication factor A protein 2 Short Name  Rfa2/RPA32
Type  Family Description  Rfa2 (also known as RPA32) is a component of the replication protein A (RPA) complex, which binds to and removes secondary structure from ssDNA. The RPA complex is involved in DNA replication, repair, and recombination [].

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR012340 Nucleic acid-binding, OB-fold NA-bd_OB-fold Domain
IPR004365 OB-fold nucleic acid binding domain, AA-tRNA synthetase-type NA-bd_OB_tRNA Domain
IPR011991 Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding domain WHTH_DNA-bd_dom Domain
IPR014892 Replication protein A, C-terminal RPA_C Domain

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First Author Title Year Journal Volume Pages
Broderick S Eukaryotic single-stranded DNA binding proteins: central factors in genome stability. 2010 Subcell Biochem 50 143-63

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