InterPro : IPR014134

Name  Cryptochrome, plant Short Name  Cryptochrome_pln
Type  Family Description  At least five major families of cryptochromes and photolyases share FAD cofactor binding, sequence homologues, and the ability to react to short wavelengths of visible light. Photolyases are responsible for light-dependent DNA repair by removal of two types of UV-induced DNA dimerisation. Cryptochromes have other functions, often regulatory and often largely unknown, which may include circadian clock entrainment and control of development. Members of this subfamily are known so far only in plants; they may show some photolyase activity in vitro but appear mostly to be regulatory proteins that respond to blue light.

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR006050 DNA photolyase, N-terminal DNA_photolyase_N Domain
IPR014729 Rossmann-like alpha/beta/alpha sandwich fold Rossmann-like_a/b/a_fold Domain
IPR018394 Cryptochrome/DNA photolyase, class 1 conserved site, C-terminal DNA_photolyase_1_CS_C Conserved_site

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Id Name Short Name Type
IPR002081 Cryptochrome/DNA photolyase, class 1 Cryptochrome/DNA_photolyase_1 Family

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